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Packaging and delivery

The package of the chairs ensures transportation abroad and for long distances without blemish. The type of the package is agreed on with the client according to his needs and type of transportation. The chairs can be transported in the following types of finishing:

  1. A completely finished chair - wooden construction with the corresponding colour/ acc. the requirements/, varnish and upholstery. The completely fixed chairs are transported in a pair per box.
  2. Unfinished chair - a wooden construction with or without colour, with or without varnish, seat that can be with filling but not upholstered or only seat without filling, interliner and fabric. Two unfinished chairs are packed in one box.
  3. Foldable chairs - they can be packed 2,3 or 4 pieces in a box, depending on the customers' demand
  4. A half-joint chair - only separate components are assembled together. This allows 4 or 5 pieces to be put together in a box.
  5. All chairs with Prefixes SR and LE can be assembled or dismounted, depending on the customers' requirements.

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