Teoharovi factory

Teoharovi LTD

  • Petrich/ Drangovo
  • phone: +359 745 63 025
  • website:

Teoharovi was registered in 1989 and executes its activities in the town of Petrich. Its production and a big showroom are situated in Drangovo (a village situated 10km from Petrich). The company is with many years of experience and traditions in the furniture production especially tables and chairs made of solid beech and oak wood. A highly productive equipment, computerized machines and modern technology are used in all stages of production. Appreciating the real beauty and warmth of the massive wood, throughout the years TEOHAROVI created a big collection of tables and chairs, remarkable with the high quality and design. Its collection now consists of about 140 models of chairs and 30 models of tables. The employees of the company are 120.

Sredna Gora factory

Sredna Gora JSC

  • 6000 Stara Zagora
  • 2 Kaloyanovsko shose
  • phone: +359 42 600 206
  • website:

Sredna Gora was established in 1963 as a factory for manufacturing joinery, furniture and wooden toys. In recent years the Company has strengthened its positions as one of the biggest softwood chair producers in Europe and lately the production program was enlarged with a number of chairs made of solid beech wood. Presently there are 450 employees in the company. Environmentally friendly materials are used for surface treatment.

Production profile

A map of Bulgaria with companies' home towns marked

The companies are using only certified wooden material. It covers the international quality, ecology and working conditions. All of them have an ecological process for bleaching the wood, pickling and lacquer finishing. The three companies have well built Quality Managing System and they have Certificates ISO9001:2000. You are kindly invited to visit the production at each place.

Each of the produced chair models passes a preliminary durability testing. They use specialized machinery, simulating a person sitting and getting up from a chair. There's a set minimum of 25000 test cycles for each model.